wine sipper M28_38_sip-2859


Seabreeze Wine Sippers. 30.00 each
Don’t let the name fool you though.
These are small yunomi’s or handles less cups, perfect for:
* a small cup of wine,  scotch, brandy, port, etc.
* a small cup of specialty tea
* condiments / sauces
* sorbet / sherbet / small dessert
*creme carmel / brullee
*cat treat bowl
The list goes on…  They are approx. 3-4 oz. though I have not measured. They're So sweet.

If you are ordering one of these, I will simply choose one of the available ones.  Sorry I am not posting individual pieces at at this time.

There are 3 available currently,  – If you are interested in all 3,  these can be shipped for the single shipment price (no need to add extra shipping for additional pieces. ) Just click on the single item shipping.




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