2nd batch of #sourdoughbread cooled and is more dense than the first loaves. A tighter more uniform crumb like a great sandwhich bread. Super moist but not over moist and so flavourful. Developed the sour but again. Super pleasant tasting, sort of rich yet mild. I may've proofed it for the bulk fermentation a bit too long cause i think i could have gotten a bit more oven spring had i removed it for bench rise and shaping a little earlier. Still hard to know as I am such a rookie here.  So many of have helped with your thoughts and experiences and some have suggested it could also be the different whole grain flours in this loaf just make a heavier bread.  you more seasoned #sourdough #bread #bakers have been so delightful with your thoughts and experiences/knowledge/advice sharing. I love our community. Ill post more of this loaf in my story