Pottery Lottery 2

 han handmad  Mystery set  of 3 bowls
1 medium bowl and 2 small bowls.

Tier 1 – $189   SOLD OUT 
Tier 2 – $210  SOLD OUT

Be sure to join my E-LIST to watch the Lottery LIVE on TikTok.  Even if you missed getting a ticket, It’s going to be the best show in town – Finally seeing how all the bowls turned out, and watching who gets which bowls.  It’s all going to be just like a lottery, where you don’t know what you are going to get – It’s all the luck of the draw!  But everyone with a ticket will receive 3 amazing handmade pottery bowls by Cori Sandler.


Beginning September 2022 – Delivery by Dec. 21, 2022

Important… Shipping Option:
Choose the 1 Pottery Lottery Set option per set you purchase when you go to 
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If 1 piece option is chosen, your order cannot be processed until balance is paid.

What is the Pottery Lottery

The idea came about while I was reclaiming clay.  I wanted to create a project for myself that would be interesting, fun and would allow me to explore making a whole lot of pots in a kind of series with no definite design, style, or decoration pattern in mind.  The only thing that was going to be the constant, was that I wanted to use bowls as a canvas and explore the form, where I could randomly explore various decoration methods and designs.

I decided to start by offering 50 sets of 3 bowls each.  They started off being called Mystery Bowls and then… one night,  while I was doing a “LIVE STREAMING” while throwing these bowls, I was thinking about how best to distribute them once purchased.  I first thought I would blindly choose 3 bowls per order by tossing a rolled-up piece of paper onto a table filled with 150 of these bowls.  I would do this toss 3 times and which ever bowls the ball of paper landed into, would make up the 3 for that person’s order.

Then, I thought… what if I were to put a number on each bowl and have a corresponding number in a container.  I would pick 3 numbers – 1 from a jar that will have numbers corresponding to the medium size bowls, and 2 numbers from the ‘jar’ that will have numbers corresponding to the smaller bowls –  and those would be the bowls for that particular order – like a LOTTERY.  I’ll choose the numbers randomly and invite you to join me in a LIVE STREAM while I pick your pots.

There you have it.  Lottery Pottery was born.


Surprise Surprise!

    When you decide to buy a set of 3 bowls in the Pottery Lottery, be sure to also sign up for my Email List.  
I’ll send a short email letting you know when the Lottery will take place.  Your bowls will be made beginning in September 2022.  I will stream it LIVE on tiktok as I make them.

We’ll all get together and I’ll call each persons order out by name.  Then… I will begin to pick three numbers from the ‘jar’ that will correspond to the numbers on each bowl.

All the bowls will all be laid out for everyone to see and then you’ll watch LIVE as three pottery bowls are  randomly chosen just for you.  Once picked they will get shipped out to you.
The bowls will be various shapes sizes, designs and colours, however, one will be a soup/cereal/raman bowl size and 2 will be smaller desert size bowls.

Everyone will be watching who gets what bowls and will be watching and waiting for their turn.

They’ll all be beautiful and … well I just can’t wait.

This is going to fun!

There are a limited number of sets available.

So, get in on this Pottery Lottery. 
You won’t see them at this price again.

Oh… And don’t worry if you can’t attend the LIVE Streaming of the Lottery.  Of course, you’ll still get your bowls picked and sent to you,
just as if you were there.

You might use your bowls every day for things like:

kimchi, rice, olives, nuts, used teabags, soy sauce, pickled ginger, salt, salsa,barbque-sauce, ice-cream, blueberries, cobbler,  liquorice nibs, kitty treats, hairbands, earrings, incense cones,  precious rock collection, tea light, coffee cup (espresso), tea bowl, beverage, jam/jelly, a place to set your rings in while at the sink, or your earings, … or your earbuds, …a lovely way to take your medication or vitamins every day  (instead of from the pharmacies plastic pill bottle you can use one of your three bowls to place your pills or vitamins in – You’ll feel different about taking them, better!!!), Soup, Salad, Serving dish, Raman Noodles, Cereal…
Get it?  so many possibilities.  They will be in a variety of colours, designs, shapes and sizes.

Bowls for Everything under the sun


I love my bowls from Cori.  When I hold them in my hand, I can just feel the love she puts into each and every one of them.  I use mine everyday.  I use them for my yoghurt and berries, for ice-cream, for pate, for my earings and rings, for pickles.  I put cashews and almonds in mine and treats that I want to have in small quantities.  I use mine as a tea bowl and as an esspresso cup.

Really, I can’t think what I don’t use it for – I just love them and I keep collecting them cause they are all so unique and beautiful.  The idea of getting 3 random bowls is such a great idea.  Cori… count me in for another set please.

- Marci S.

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