BE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF BOTH SIDES OF A HANDLE EVEMLY, BY MOVING YOUR HAND  AND THE HANDLE... FROM SIDE TO SIDE. We all k ow handles can make or break a beautiful mug. I know many potters who would spend hours and hours getting their throwing chops good. And I mean really good only to ruin a really lovely thrown piece with a not so great handle. The real answer... spend a whole day - hell spend a whole week doing nothing but making handles. Sacrifice a whole bunch of mugs and pull 3 or 4 handles off each one. There is no easy fix for pulling a nice well balanced handle except making a hundred or more. Do it till ya get it right. And ... make YOUR handle. It doesn't have to be like someone else's. make a handle that you would like to hold. You aren't going f to please everybody so get really good at a few shapes and be the queen or king of that handle. You can do it!!! I have faith. It is t rocket science but it is hard to get right. You'll l ow when it is. And you'll jump und down in your studio doing that happy dance. But ..... don't stop there. Once you get it that's when the work starts. Now, make another 50  When you can make 29"0 consistently lovely handles in a row crack yourself a cold one or a nice cup of your favourite java or tea and congratulate yourself!!!! BIG TIME. #pullinghandles #corisandlerpottery