You can now have access to my Periscope Videos.

Periscope is a relatively new platform I have been using for live streaming pottery demos from my studio.  Some of the videos are just views into the life of a studio potter, as I go about making work, making glazes, firing kilns etc etc.

You can find me directly on Periscope by downloading the app from the App Store for iOS devices or from your android store for apps. Search for Cori Sandler Pottery and follow the account @CoriSandlerPottery

My videos will be uploaded here on this page as well.

There is an ongoing banter back and forth with those who are watching live and you’ll get a taste of the kinds of back and forth engagement that goes on live during a periscope session.  You won’t necessarily see their comments, but you will get my responses nonetheless.

I invite you to sit back and enjoy, and if you are a pottery student of mine, beginner or advanced, consider these mini lessons while you aren’t here – filling in the space between classes