#corisandlerpottery. This is my sea kelp series. Walking along the beach here on the west coast, I often sea bull kelp floating in the ocean. The first time I say it I kid you not, I thought it looked like mammoth slip trailing (pottery on the brain syndrome), then one day, there it was on my pots. How the migration if what I see around me gets into my work always surprises me cause honestly, I don’t think it’s intentional. However, I am delighted nonetheless. we all go through changes in our work over time and I must say as I grow older or more mature in my work, I kind of like howbthebinterpretation if thatvwhichbinfluences me is more of a feeing than a literal interpretation or depiction. Don’t get me wrong, I still love flowers and trees and my naked ladybseries, but there is a calm and a “flavour” to these more recent bodies of work. I’d love your thoughts about it. Feel free to chime in. I’ll be at #thepottersplacegallery this Saturday afternoon Nov 3 from 1-5. It’s at the corner of 5th and Cliffe in #courtenay if you want to come by and say hi. I’d love to see you of course.  Oh... and if this post isn’t  long enough... just a reminder if you want to get your hands dirty and learn to make pottery, check out my website in the bio for info about Cori’s Clay Class here in the #comoxvalley Valley