Do you ever wake up and just say, I need a change? Well. Many of us struggle with “are we good enough” “ will I ever make another nice pot again” “ I’m a fraud” i wish I could say every pot that comes out of my kiln is great, but... I have been in an unsettled place with my work for a bit. So... I keep trying new ideas and testing glazes and surfaces ... dipping. Spraying. Rubbing. Painting. Carving. Altering. Adding. Etc etc. Well folks, I’m quietly holding it in but... I think I found a new voice or rather an old voice is speaking again. I made a couple of mugs like this about 8 yrs ago and soda fires them. I loved them, gave them away as gifts and never revisited them. Well. This is not sodafired, non atmospheric at all. Electric! And I feel like a cat with a canary in my mouth. I don’t want to let this one go. Not the cup, nor the direction. Thoughts? Just missing about my life as an artist while at the Calgary airport waiting for my partners flight to land.