Each piece in this series has so much to say. I was talking with a student earlier today about the shift in my work from years ago when I used underglazes and slips and a clear glaze. I felt like although those pieces were good and joyous they didn’t really say much as a narrative. They sort of said (if anything) “everything is fine. I’m happy. Nothing is wrong... ever. “. When I think back they were pieces that you looked at but they had a barrier to them that kept you from looking deeper or questioning anything about them. It was likely my way of saying “you can look, but you can’t come in”. As I have grown, both in age and as an artist I am more interested in authentic relationships and am prepared to be more vulnerable. Everything is not always just fine and okay and I am not always happy. My work now, such as this series of Northern Lights invites one to explore it, to consider it, to spend some time with it. It’s not uni-dimensional. There is no barrier to these pieces saying. You can only come just so close, then go on your way. These pieces invite you in. To get to know the piece, to see something a little different each time you hold it. I don’t know if any of this is clear. Do you get what I’m saying?  All to say, I’m a little more complex and layered as I mature and I’m seeing that reflected in my work. Thanks for listening.