I know you can’t click this link but this bread and more like it are heading up to Northern BC tomorrow. There is an occupation -an observance of a fish farm who has Atlantic Islam in in our Pacific Ocean. There is so much wrong with this. Other marine life are dying as a result. The waters are being polluted, the farm in on First Nation territory without consent- the list goes on. If you can write that link down and pop it in your browser and sign the petition that would be amazing. If you can think about donating items if your nearby to vancouver island or financial donations, if your away, that would be well used. His is very important. For all our waters. For all our futures. TAKE ACTION NOW - PETITION Wild Pacific Coast salmon is declining in numbers. Especially the sockeye and Chinook Salmon. Why? Fish farms are a crowded unhealthy environment for the Atlantic salmon they farm. The fish are covered in sea lice that is similar to headlice which can occur in over crowding in human populations. To combat the sea lice they are dumping pesticides into the pens. This creates a toxic environment that results in fish deformity and spreads to other fish eating mammals including people who eat farm fish. PETITIONS:Demand the BC government revoke fish farm licenses and prevent further restocking.