I love a good handle! Handles can make or break a really lovely mug. I usually pull my handles directly off the pot. This means that I stick a a lug or section of clay onto a leather hard mug - usuallybwith magic water (a mixture including sodium silicate and soda ash) five it a few seconds to get to know each other (the pot and the lug) and then begin to pull the handle. I do t like handles that are too thin, cause the weight of a liquid filled mug is too unbalanced if the handle is too skinny. Likewise, you don’t want it to thick or heavy cause well, that just feels unnecessary and not graceful enough.  There is a goldilocks kind of handle, a “just right” kind of handle. You must be mindful not to make the interior shape too large,  as the balance of the mug is them all wrong with too much weight in the vessel side and not balanced between the vessel and handle, making it heavier to hold than needs be. It’s also important to smooth the edges of the handle as opposed to it having flat edges which hurt your fingers.  These are just a few of the considerations on my mind when I make a mug handle. I do love a “just right handle and have spent lots of time making them and making all these and more considerations. I used to honestly dislike making handles, because I knew they were the least resolved  part of my pot. I made a decision to spend time learning how to make a really nice comfortable resolves appropriate lovely handle. It took time and lots of practice.  Don’t give up. Practice practice practice. Oh... and then repeat! Thanks for all your past comments about my #handles. It’s really worth putting in the time.