Let me tell you a story. About a year ago, my neighbours had to replace their garage. In doing so, they needed to address the foundation which meant digging up their driveway too. Dwayne, my neighbour saw something blue. It was of course the smoothest blue green clay and he thought to put some of it in buckets for me. (Talk about sweet). Well it’s taken me about a year to take a few scoops of that clay, soak it in water and then drive it. I just did a bit. I fired it to see what the end results would be if anything. ... first I bisque a glob and a smear and painted stroke... then I put the same test through the glaze kiln. It ended up being a really lovely slip/ glaze all by itself. Lots of iron so it’s a lovely shade of semi glossy auburn brown. As a thank you, I’ve made them some ice cream or dessert bowls - or you name it bowls. The image next image and one in my stories is the test piece I made. I’d love to know if you’ve ver used your local clay as a glaze too?  What do you think. Should I make more???? Or stick with a black slip. I’m kind of digging this  #corisandlerpottery