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I’m so excited about these new writing journals.

I’ve been creating.

The Healing/Gratitude Journal is filled with “Daily Writing Prompts for Healing”.  It is a journal filled with inspiring writing prompts designed to help readers on their healing and attitude of gratitude journey. This journal is for anyone who wants to take a daily moment of reflection, introspection, and self-discovery. The prompts are designed to help the reader gain clarity, build resilience, and cultivate a positive mindset.

CATS, DOGS and MEOWS are all writing notebooks or journals with fun/interesting/humorous/trivia about these four legged friends.  There are some in hard-cover and some in paper-back.

You can just go to and search for Kyron Kyte.  That’s my Pen Name.

A Gardening journal and a Healing/Gratitude Journal are on their way.



“Healing and Gratitude – Daily Writing Prompts for Healing and Gratitude” is a practical and inspiring guide for anyone who wants to use writing as a tool for self-discovery, healing and gratitude. It provides readers with the support and guidance they need to reflect on their experiences, find their inner strength, and cultivate a positive mindset.

Daily Writing Prompts for Healing and Gratitude is a self-help user-engaged book designed to guide readers on their journey of healing and gratitude. The book contains daily thought-provoking prompts and exercises or questions, each aimed at inspiring the reader to reflect on their innermost thoughts and emotions. The prompts cover a wide range of topics, such as self-care, gratitude, personal growth, and relationships.

CATS – A Notebook Journal

Cats – a notebook journal and cat trivia for the cat lover in you is a lined notebook and journal for any kind of writing or notetaking, list building, and dream catching. If you love cats or even just like them, you’ll enjoy reading through the many entries of Cat Trivia nestled in the writing pages. Each page has soft grey lines so that your own writing stands out, but keeps you organized. This makes the purrfect gift for mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and teachers, veterinarians and friends who like cats or live with them. Throughout the pages, you’ll find fun and humorous sayings and cat trivia you may not have previously known about. As you use the journal, you’ll come upon these little kitty treats bound to make you smile.

DOGS –  A Notebook and Writing Journal (Hardcover)

200 page lined hard-cover notebook and writing journal. Approximately 7″ x 10.25″ with trivia, fun facts and musings about dogs . It’s a perfect gift for mom, dad, dog owners or animal lovers. Great for school or gifts for students and school teachers too.

Within these pages, you will find trivia, fun facts and musings about dogs. Plenty of blank pages also make it a perfect companion to your everyday life. Keep it on your computer or use it in the kitchen. Keep records of vet visits, or your own doctors visits. Use it for any kind of records and goals. Write poetry etc. etc. etc. Great for grocery lists, or predictions. It’ll fit nicely in a purse or knapsack.

MEOWS – A Notebook with Humorous Musings About Cats (Hardcover and Paperback options)

This is a lined notebook for cat lovers. It’s a journal you can use everyday. You’ll find fun and interesting sayings about cats throughout the pages of this notebook. If you love cats, have lived with cats or currently live with cats, this is the purrfect notebook for you. It would be a great gift for the cat lovers and cat owners in your life. Use it for your own musings and writings, for notes, for lists, for doodling, for thought collection, for poems. Use it as a diary of your visits to the veterinarian, or use it for your to do lists. Keep one in the car, by your desk, beside your bed, in the kitchen, by your TV… There are 100 different uses for a lined notebook. This journal can help to keep you organized. You can use it as a cat diary. If you like funny sayings about cats, you’ll find some good ones in here.

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