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Inside Out Mugs

The inside-out mugs are an absolute representation of life, its journey, and the beauty and ugliness that comes along our own paths as we navigate existence. The unfortunate nature is that life is not always easy and we are constantly being transformed by these experiences. We are left, scarred, burned, deformed and hurt on a multitude of different levels. Because of these transformations, we often view these physical, emotional, and spiritual deformities as something negative; however, there is great beauty within these transformations. The inside-out mugs showcase the beauty that can come with these perceived negative transformations; therefore, they become a tool for our own healing.

Firstly, vessels themselves are a representation of the womb of Mother Earth and have been this symbol since ancient times. The vessel, the mug, personifies healing and suffering, protection and vulnerability, change and consistency, and stillness and rage. We are able to harness this power within our hands through this clay mug. In being made of earth, the inside-out mug also gives us the opportunity to be archeologists to our own past and the past of our ancestors. Within each of your bodies, like the mug, is an archaeological site that holds the details and wisdom of our life story, composed of generational, spiritual, emotional, physical, and personal experiences.

However, trauma locks these stories in our bodies and deep in our minds that manifest suffering. With the use of the mug, we are given the opportunity to explore our life stories without judgment, without fear, and to understand that trauma lives within our body not just our mind. As you move your hands throughout the mug, take notice of how you feel. The mug is not uniform by any means but its unique shape reminds you that the transformation from experiences lives within us at all times. That our soma, “living body”, holds a piece of your healing and that we uncover and explore where trauma lives in the body.

The physical body of the mug, like our body, can be used as a valuable guide—an ally on the road to mental health and healing. If we learn to listen and feel, we can excavate and understand the past to live more in the present. The exploration of the mug helps us navigate our own mind and body shaped by experience that impacts us. It can be an instrumental tool in releasing mental and physical tension by creating an external roadmap for enhancing psychological and spiritual growth by relating our own changes to the textures on the mug. As a therapeutic tool, the mug provides an opportunity to examine problems deep in our mind and body, answers questions we have about ourself and our past, and provide objective perspectives while also affording time and space for personal reflection.

Because it is both kinesthetic and introspective, the inside-out mug functions as a complete mind-body integrative activity to process memories, release pain and reframe what we see as something negative with gratitude.
Written by Tru Cavazos

Custom pieces can take between 1-6 months for delivery – these will typically be glazed in either midnight oasis, relics collection, aqua’s, ocean-inspired, desert night inspired, leather, purple stained glass glaze – or whatever other witches brew I come up with.
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