9107 – Mystery Mug-60
Just like it says.  You’ll receive a mystery cup (no handle) of Cori’s choosing.

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9107 – Mystery Cup-60
Do you have a hard time deciding which style cup to get? Well, you don’t need to decide. Cori will send out one of her cups (no handles) – Great for water, wine, juice, tea, as a vase, … you may have seen it before.  It may be in her shop right now, or… it may be a design that you have never seen. This is a chance for Cori to clear some shelves, and for you to fill some shelves. WinWin.  If she chooses and depending on the kind of cup and the size etc. etc.,  you may even get one cup plus something random as well., …a small bowl, a small dish, spoon-rest, some jewellery, some Christmas ornaments…  It’s all mystery, but you’ll definitely get one of her cups.

All prices are in US funds


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