Sitting in an airport waiting for my return flight home. The sky is big and wide as only a prairie sky can be. Looking back on some phone images, I really see how much the ocean I live by has totally influenced my work. Take this mug for instance, both the movement of slip and the colour of the glaze. This particular mug and more like it were dropped off at #thepottersplacegallery before I left for this away time. I’m so psyched to get back to making pots. Sitting in the airport waiting, and watching planes take off and land right on the other side of this huge window, I’m take by what an incredible time to have been alive. A time when we can get to places far away by sitting in a huge metal  bird for a few hours. Of course I want to be responsible about how often I fly, the environment, etc etc and I hope I find ways to continue to be conscious of my part in all of this. I do love that I make sustainable art. Art that smiles back at you. Art that gets to be USED daily. Is there something that you have decided to do, to help address your own part in our changing world. ???? Please feel free to share here. Thanks so much all