The rush of the water The crash of the waves The blue green so deep In oceanic caves I am taken to the water I am taken to the edge Where the sea meets the shore Is the mermaids great ledge. I see kelp floating on her Only dream what’s below For I dwell on land The sea I don’t know -... This series is about the Winter Sea. I am drawn to her beauty and her power. Some days she is brilliant turquoise however, in the dark of winter, she too is mysterious, with so much movement and churning. Winter storms try to disrupt the surface tension of her skin. Underneath, is calm, is quiet. These pots reference those two realities. Of floating kelp and winter waves above. But, turn the pot over and feel the rippling sandy ocean floor. They take me in and speak softly. These can be wall-hung as “clay paintings”  from their recessed foot ring on a nail or by wire.  This piece is more bowl shape than this appears. Would be a great serving bowl. Large salad or pasta bowl size. #pottery #bowls #makersgonnmake #ceramics #comoxvalley #blue #handmade #wheelthrown #tealblue #corisandlerpottery