Woke up this am to take out the garbage. (We finally have curb side garbage pick up weekly which I am so grateful for truth be told).... and I saw the most magical ice formation on the window of my car. Yup... car gets to be outside all winter cause my wheels and kiln and slab roller and pug mill and spray booth and ... you get it... are all in my studio which used to be a garage. I’m enjoying my coffee thisbam from this mug looking out on the ocean and and coastal mountains. It’s cold out there, but the fireplace is roaring and my studio is warming up. I’m making some little tpots before I teach my first class today, just feeing all kinds of gratitude. Gratitude for the warmth and shelter of my home on this cold brisk morning, and gratitude for the freedom to be able to make art everyday. The list goes on, but for now, just quietly saying thank you this morning with this new self made mug, a cat in my lap and a a day of making ahead of me. What’s one thing you are #grateful for today? Pottery by #corisandlerpottery