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Here are some Recipes that are among my favourites.

You may have watched me make some of these on my TikTok Lives, and some are direct from Bubby Sandy!  Enjoy



Food For Thought

Recipes for your heart and soul.

Although I do my best to keep most things that pass through my lips KETO, there are some recipes that I have come across ocer the years that are just too good to keep to myself.  Some are mine, some I have found or been given to, and some are from Bubby Sandy’s kitchen.  (My mom).

There may be a book at some point in the future, but right now, I’ll just post a few great food recipes here for you to enjoy.

Corei's Soda Bread and Scones

Cori’s Soda Bread and Scones

Download the recipe

I Kid you not, this is the best scone/soda bread recipe you’ll come across. I used to have a Bed and Breakfast and each guest received a small 1/4 – 1/2 portion in an individual soda bread each morning.  Absolutely the best.  You can divide the load into triangle sections and bake slightly separated from each other for fully formed scones.  Keep them simple, or add your favourite fruit, like blueberries or currents to the mix.





Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Download the recipe

Okay.  There are good chocolate chip cookies and there are great chocolate chip cookies – This is definitely the 2nd.  Unexpected and so easy it should be illegal.  Use a vintage ice cream scoop to get huge coffee bistro size cookies.

Download the recipe

Not your average Carrot Cake.  This is likely the best version of carrot cake you’ll ever make.  It’s rich and moist and you can make it in a bunt pan, a spring- form pan, a rectangle baking pan, muffin tins – you name it.  Sooooooo good.

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