Shipping Policies

Okay folks, so here’s the deal!  I do my best to make sure that your chosen pottery gets to you safe and sound.  That means that I spend a lot of time packing each piece carefully and so that the pot’s travel from my door to yours whether bumpy or smooth, finds your shipment in one solid piece ( or more if there is a lid – Oh, Cori, never mind the jokes…)  I do my best to reuse appropriate packing materials when I can, and use good sturdy boxes, sometimes double boxing if nescessary, to protect the work during transit. I hope you can find future uses for these packing materials as well.

Please note that I am chief cook and bottle washer here, which means wedging, making, photographing, marketing, I am the web designer / builder /administrator. and help desk  I am also the head (and only) picker, packer and shipper. (Those are terms from my younger days as a temp worker in a widget factory) . I will do my best to ship orders in 2 – 4 business days.  If it should take longer, know that I am on it!!!!

Shipping charges are added at checkout.  For shipping to countries other than Canada and USA or live in Alaska, Hawaii, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavit, please contact me first and I’ll work out the shipping costs and get your approval to go ahead.  – Geeze, that USA boarder is just a thin little line… Why all the fuss? Anyway, it is going to be a bit more, but know that I really appreciate the support and love that you love my work enough to bring it over all those little lines.

For other countries, besides USA, same goes for you too.  Just connect with me via email and well get you all sorted out.

This pottery is all handmade and though I try to take images that best reflect each piece, your piece may appear slightly different than the image.  You acknowledge that and understand that prior to shipping.

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