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Cori's Clay Class - Registration

... 8 class -Term Sessions, Workshops, Girls Night Out /  Date Night & One on One On-line Learning.


Please fill out registration form below.
Hi. Get ready for a lot of fun!
Tell me about your past experience if any, with clay.
Let me know your interests, be it wheel throwing, or hand-building, or both.
If you have friends you would like to take a class with, let me know who they are  and I'll do my best to provide a class for you all to attend together. Please fill in individual registration forms.

Balance due 1st day of class by e-transfer during class, cheque or cash.

Terms of  Cancellation after enrollment:
*        Before first class begins -  non refundable deposit. =   $50.00
**      If you have attending the first class only & received
tools & personalized  them)                                              + $25.00
***    Clay bag returned -                                                             + $0
****  If you wish to keep the bag of clay (25 lbs approx)     + $20.00
=====                                                                                                                 $95.00

**** Cancellation after Attending 2 classes - full tuition (+tools/clay costs)
Please understand that it is difficult, if not impossible to have someone else join in mid term.
By registering below, you agree to these terms


Once I have received your registration below and confirmed availability for your preferred class, please provide your deposit, by  email money transfer for $50.00 to the email address I have sent you (my preferred method) 
or... via paypal/credit card PAY NOW link below

Cori's Clay Class Deposit

1. Have you ever taken pottery lessons
2. Which class(es) fit best with your schedule? (The more options you have, the more likely I can find a class for you to attend)

3. I want to register for Cori's Clay Class (8 week term)
4. I want to register for a current workshop/safari
5. I want to register for a Girls Night Out/Date Night
6. I want to register for Private or One on One ON-LINE learning via the following app FacetimeSkypeFacebook video

A $50.00 deposit is required to hold your spot once I have confirmed by email that there is space available.