#Repost @pottersgiveback with @get_repost・・・Our hearts are full here @PottersGiveBack. Thanks to everyone who has reached out so far and said you’d like to donate a price to the auction to help fight the fires in the amazon. We are still working out all the details. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, we’d love it if you’d share our 2 Nd post (the orange notice) on your feed and stories.  Help us get the word out for folks to follow us so they’ll know when the auction is going to take place. For those of you who have “signed up” so to speak, please send an image, it’s size/dimensions, your minimum starting bid, your insta and or facebook handle (please specify) and website if you wish - include your real name and where you will ship to along with price of shipping. Email us at pottersgiveback@gmail.com. Include a short bio either about you or the piece too if you’d like. That email will also be in our bio.  We will get a message out to you soon, but you can feel free to start the ball rolling. Again, it is with  huge gratitude that so many of you are joining us in our efforts. More to follow.  And thanks so much to @jessgreenceramics (ahmazing) and @georgia_the_potter for all the help so far and the help that’s still to come. You’re great for stepping up and in with both feet.