Do you like a 2 cupper or a larger 4-cupper teapot. I’m on a mission to make a bunch of kickass teapots. Various sizes. I have a friend who loves her personal teapot I made years ago for her. She adds loose leaf tea, (there is a toggle hole for a hanging tea ball should you want that on the bottom of the lid, so the metal hook doesn’t interfere with closing the lid) She takes her teapot to upstairs to her office and she tells me how happy it makes her. This one e will likely end up being a 2 cupper. I like the all different sizes. Always learning even after 30+ years of making pots. Remember to always put a “blow hole” in the top of the lid to allow for air take in and free flowing tea. By #corisandlerpottery

I love my days at The Potters Place Gallery. It’s such a treat to see new works from all the local bc #comoxvalley artists as they bring them in. At his is the work of Cheri Lamb that I’m highlighting here. Her glazes are drippy gorgeous, she lives on a river (well, beside it, but you know what I mean) and in a forest… and watching the river flow downstream, and seeing the glistening if the smooth rocks shimmer in the light under the rolling of the waters, no doubt gives Cheri some of the inspirations behind her stunning aqua series. When you have the chance. her work is always available at the gallery along with over 20 other uber talented artists from the comox valley, #britishcolumbia

One thing I love about getting up the earliest in my household, is I get sweet little moments like this at daybreak. I think inter-species relationships teach us all how to be better at inter-personal relationships. Truth be told, I think it should be mandatory for humans to love with animals at some point in one’s life. Having an animal so trusting to want to just fall asleep on your lap is one of my life’s simple pleasures. I am blessed.

Let the light in. Yeah. Happy solstice to all. Here in the west coast of Canada, it gets dark really early and goodness, am I ever looking forward to days getting a little longer once again. The ocean stirs up all kinds of foam and kelp and seaweed this time of year too. I try to capture that in some of my pots. Kind of feel like this one could have been plucked from the ocean floor. Are you a solstice celebrator? Ahhhhhh. Let the sun shine.