In a mad rush, I made a new glaze. It was a glaze I had made and used and loved in the past but hadn’t had it in rotation for quite a long time. I was in a huge hurry to get this kiln load glazed and in the kiln before heading out of town, so that it would be done by the time I returned and had to turn around again in a day and head out of town again. I’m never one to be complacent or to take the easy way out or even the known route. Having said that, I made up the glaze and just when all ingredients were in the little dry mounds in my bucket I said to myself, ahhh live dangerously Cori Sandler!!! Add another random chemical. So this is the result. A most amazing smooth satin matte aqua coloured glaze. I couldn’t be happier. It has movement and micro crystals and pools to a shiny turquoise and breaks beautifully over textures. Get ready for a bunch of new work with this treatment. It has a very different colour response on different clay bodies, even both being light clay bodies so, there are lots of possibilities ahead. All this to say, sometimes when you take chances, you get something that you can hopefully learn from while other times when you take chances, you hear symphonies and see angels dancing around you.  You can find the new work at #thepottersplacegallery in #courtenaybc