Answering the call by #make_and_do_ceramics to help focus I’m #canadianceramics studio and #canadianpottersstudio  We’re all in this together. This is a series I call my “cinderella coach” series. Many years ago I used a slip trailing technique to outline very right and colourful drawings Lor you’d see in a colouring book as a kid. Years later, I began to just use the slip trailing as accented raised textures and lines. The Fibonacci spiral is forever mesmerizing to me and so spirals seem to have landed in some of my work. I love@the feeling of the texture under my fingers while holding a beverage. Handmade mugs are all about the tactile experience for me. Why not go fill out I say. I’m staring outside a picture window right now at the ocean and there are a shebang load of eagles out today. When you look out your window right now... what’s one thing you see ?