Life is sometimes very fluid and easy - sometimes there is tension. Embrace tension I say. Goodness, sometimes it’s just perspective as to which of these two things is going on for us. Every-once in a while I have to catch myself and remind myself about that. This glaze is a perfect embodiment of those opposites for me. The flow and sheen and runs  of the glaze when it pools and the matt crystals and butter softness of the glaze where it’s flat is that tension between the two. A side note, this is the same glaze as the post with the tree on the mug, but on a different clay body. Just a bit of iron in the clay body fluxes (or melts) the glaze in such a different way and the colour response too is different and more green than aqua but still on the ocean side of green. How cool is that? It almost has an ash glaze character - surprise surprise.  So many life lessons for those of us in the clay making world.  By @corisandlerpottery