So the story goes like this. My neighbours needed to excavate their driveway and old garage to replace it with a new garage. ( the previous one was sinking). They found a vein if clay and lucky me, I was given a couple of buckets full. It’s has sat in those buckets for over a year before I finally did some tests of the clay. The brown are in the centre of this mug is raw clay I turned into a slip. There is no glaze over the slip which has become a full glaze all in its own. It’s has a beautiful sheen to it. I love by the #ocean,  and this is my #baynessound series. The scrafito, or design carved through the slip reminds me of the big bull kelp I see on the beach at low tide, and the turquoise is what I see during the #herringrun. For those local to the #comoxvalley, you can find several of these mugs at #thepottersplacegallery in downtown #courtenay. Mug by #corisandlerpottery