We are an organization of potters - who want to make a difference. We are planning an online auction of pots with funds raised to help fight the fires in the amazon. It all started with the mug in this poster. It hit me, that image of a forest ablaze right there in that mug. I thought I’d auction it off to raise some funds and then... with the shared thought of a few wonderful potters, our community banded together and we are Co creating an ONLINE AUCTION. Please share this and repost it far and wide. Tell your potter friends. It’s a work in progress but it’ll happen pretty quickly. If you are a potter, we’d love you to join in. If you want to help organize it and if you have made web skills, or other ideas and want to link arms here, we’d love to have you on board. You can donate any piece of pottery you’d like and as many as you’d like. We’ll iron out the details in the next days to come but we wanted to get this out there and get some of you amazing potters in our community to have the opportunity to “put your art where your heart is”. We have the most maxing community. DM us or email at the email in the bio, to get on board.  Tag someone to let them know about it. We are @pottersgiveback  Help us out will ya?  We are planning on donating the funds to https://amazonaid.org. Amazon Aid Foundation. @amazonaid. We have to connect with them for logistics but they are a great organization. They are artists who are in line with saving the amazon too. Please be sure to follow @pottersgiveback - I’ll be posting as we have more to share about the auction.