Just sitting around with friends and all these various mugs are on the table. Thought I’d just take a snap #corisandlerpottery Making mugs is a real treat for me. I love the mug. I love what it represents I love the experiences we have with our favourite mug and I love the process of choosing a mug for your specific moment in your day. What goes into a choice? Is it colour, feel, weight, size, memory of past moments with that mug and perhaps a friend you last shared a cafe/tea moment with. Donyou love to touch it and caress it. Do younlikenyourbhandbtobslide over a slick shiny surface or do you like your hand to stumble and rub up against texture and relief. Is it the handle that draws you in. So much here. #mug #coffelife #teacup #myfavouritemug

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Just looking around my studio at the high shelves where I’ve placed some pots from different eras. This was a perfume bottle turned into a ewer. The spout wasn’t balanced well in terms of the whole shape. so it stayed here. There was still enough about the piece that I liked not to trash it. Having old pots around me reminds me of where I have been. And where I am. Working with clay is a journey. Sometimes I have something to say and sometimes the clay has something to say. Respect. Respect respect to all my fellow potters who make the choice everyday to work with this fascinating basic material and make our world more beautiful or more interesting. Whether you beautify surroundings or question what exists through and by your craft, I admire each one of you and am grateful to be counted in your company. #humbled #potterycommunity #corisandlerpottery

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