Just sitting around with friends and all these various mugs are on the table. Thought I’d just take a snap #corisandlerpottery Making mugs is a real treat for me. I love the mug. I love what it represents I love the experiences we have with our favourite mug and I love the process of choosing a mug for your specific moment in your day. What goes into a choice? Is it colour, feel, weight, size, memory of past moments with that mug and perhaps a friend you last shared a cafe/tea moment with. Donyou love to touch it and caress it. Do younlikenyourbhandbtobslide over a slick shiny surface or do you like your hand to stumble and rub up against texture and relief. Is it the handle that draws you in. So much here. #mug #coffelife #teacup #myfavouritemug

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Just looking around my studio at the high shelves where I’ve placed some pots from different eras. This was a perfume bottle turned into a ewer. The spout wasn’t balanced well in terms of the whole shape. so it stayed here. There was still enough about the piece that I liked not to trash it. Having old pots around me reminds me of where I have been. And where I am. Working with clay is a journey. Sometimes I have something to say and sometimes the clay has something to say. Respect. Respect respect to all my fellow potters who make the choice everyday to work with this fascinating basic material and make our world more beautiful or more interesting. Whether you beautify surroundings or question what exists through and by your craft, I admire each one of you and am grateful to be counted in your company. #humbled #potterycommunity #corisandlerpottery

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Part of my Salish Sea series. Time to be making another batch of these. I throw and alter the mug while still moist, add some stamp work and manipulate the claybwithybfingers on both the inside and outside of the mug. The handle is pulled directly off the mug at leatherhard. For me, this always seems to be the most organic looking and feeling handles on my work. Slipbtrailing happens at leather hard stage as well. I like makingugs that are tall and narrow at the mouth, round and vuluptous like the Cinderella coach mugs and square and wide similar to this one. What’s your favourite shape? Why? Chime in if you wish

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@diamondcoretools make these amazing sanding blocks. These are 120 and 240 grit. Insanely useful in any pottery studio. Talk about soft as a baby’s bottom. Did I just say that? 😋. They fit perfectly in my hand I love the corners that can really get into a nook and cranny when needed like just under the handle attachment of a mug fresh out of a wood fire. #diamondcoretools #sandingblock #smoothbottoms #potterystudio #studiolife #potterytools #bestpotterytools #favouritetools favouritepotterytools

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First sourdough bread ever. This isbthe #benchrest before the final shaping. Each stage has been a slow process. I let the dough rise slowly overnight in the fridge, slowing down the fermentation process and increasing the flavours of the sour. (that’s the thought). I cant begin to tell you how excited I am about finally starting down this … meditation so to speak about #sourdoughbaking #bread. @delaterrebakery OMG. Respect to you m’dear!

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Im in a #littledish mood. This series has a single thumb rest or what ever you’d like to rest there. These were thrown off the hump and have a really elegant profile toward the foot (i’d like to think). My friend in Kyoto saysbthese would be awesome for creme brule. (Ive got to get our more often!!!) what about a little amuse bouche or appetizer. Also a delicious succulent dessert or home made sherbet. The list is endless. (Well maybe that takes it a bit far, but… what would you use it for?

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This is another in my SUMMER WATERFALL SERIES. Shop update Monday may 29 10am pst. Corisandler.com Lots of flow, soft pastel colours ali g with some oceans blues. By the way, that circle on the bottom of the mug toubsee is a chop made for me by friends who live in Japan. It says Cori. And this particular Congi means something to the effect of a shining light passing or shooting through (please forgive me if this is badly misinterpreted) #shopupdate

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I absolutely love it when people who have bought my work send me back images of it in use. I just received this image along with the loveliest note. This is one of my Cinderella coach mugs. #potsinaction it has about 7 glazes on it, breaking and falling into the crevices, pooling and doing all the things you hope a glaze will do. I’ll be making another batch of Cinderella coach mugs pretty soon. Various colours coming. What colours would you imagine on them. ???

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Another little handmade #pottery wine sipper. Pretty feathers inside the rim where the glazes overlapped and snow like blue crystals on the outside breaking slightly olive. This really feels lovely to the touch. Again this was a shift from my slow cooling and firing to a fast fire and 15 minute hold then off. Wow. Love the results. Your thoughts please? A slow fire just gives me the lighter #blue all fused together to create very matte #surface, this one gives me lots of variation in the #glaze

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Just loaded last one from the #anagama #woodfiredpottery to my webshop. I was holding ontobit for a bit but… I’m ready to send it off to a good home now. I love how both sides of a woodfired pot are quite distinct from each other. This was fired over 80+ hours using about 6.5 cords of wood. Mostly fur. This is a 10oz mugs for all of you who have been asking for smaller mugs too. I can hardly describe how comfortable this handle is to hold. It’s really nice. It’s #12 on my site. Corisandler.com

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10:45 pst or really close to that time, I’ll be periscoping an amazing exhibition of the Late ROBIN HOPPER’s work. We thepottersplace.ca are so proud and honoured to be able to have such an extraordinary collection on display for the remainder of this month. Please share this. I’ll do a facebook live after periscope as well. This is certainly a celebration of a life of pots. Please forward this and come view a collection of some 25 pots by Robin over his lifetime. Come to periscope and follow me @CoriSandlerPottery. Or facebook live after that.

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