Just sitting around with friends and all these various mugs are on the table. Thought I’d just take a snap #corisandlerpottery Making mugs is a real treat for me. I love the mug. I love what it represents I love the experiences we have with our favourite mug and I love the process of choosing a mug for your specific moment in your day. What goes into a choice? Is it colour, feel, weight, size, memory of past moments with that mug and perhaps a friend you last shared a cafe/tea moment with. Donyou love to touch it and caress it. Do younlikenyourbhandbtobslide over a slick shiny surface or do you like your hand to stumble and rub up against texture and relief. Is it the handle that draws you in. So much here. #mug #coffelife #teacup #myfavouritemug

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