First of the only 3 Cinderella coach mugs that made it into this #anagama #woodfiring. I imagine Cinderella would take one of these cups to her ball - loves like a pumpkin feel great to touch and caress. The spiral #sliptrailing  has caught just a bit of ash as it was flying through the 3 day kiln firing.  I am planning on doing a live insta and periscope later today. Fingers crossed let's aim for periscope at 4:30 pm pst and following that I'll do insta live. Check insta live to see if I can manage both at the same time. I love this part, talking about how the flame moves through the kiln and how you can see the story it leaves behind if it's adventure in the kiln. How cool is that? Pots will go live on my website Monday morning 10 am pst. Periscope handle is CoriSandlerPottery also website in my bio - thanks so much for all your kind words over my time here on insta and periscope and facebook too. It really means so much. Realllllly