This is another carved BAYNES sound series carved #winecup. The mountains I see everyday and the rivers that flow into the ocean right here make the waters here the perfect environment for #fannybayoysters  and oysters  in general. This was #woodfired in an #anagama kiln. The white ornlighter shiny area is where the ash from the stoking wood first contacted the clay and then the flames licked and danced around the pot to the opposite side but no actual "head on collision" of ash. The soft cinnamon colour is called flashing and I love the story of the flame and fire that is told just by looking at this cup. Happy and sad to say this sweet cup has found a new home. Hard to let it go. I hope to make a few more for the next firing. Do you think I should make more carved BAYNES sound pots? Or... do you prefer the simple lines of an carved pot in the woodfire